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No Interstellar Pyrimidine

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A team of radio astronomers has put another damper on the naturalistic model for the origin of life. They performed the highest sensitivity search to date for pyrimidine (pyrimidines make up much of the nucleobase building blocks for RNA and DNA molecules). They found that the abundance of pyrimidines in three of the densest molecular clouds, at most, cannot exceed 0.03-0.3 parts per billion. With maximum abundances as low as what the team measured, interstellar molecular clouds cannot be the source of prebiotics that led to the origin of life.

o   Yi-Jehng Kuan et al., “A Search for Interstellar Pyrimidine,” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 345 (2003): 650-56.


Subjects: Origin of Agriculture/Human Civilization

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