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Nitrogen Fixation Processes

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The multiple, complex nitrogen fixation processes found in nature present significant evidence for the supernatural design of Earth and its biosystem so as to make advanced life possible. For biogenic nitrogen fixation, specialized organisms convert gaseous nitrogen into a form usable by plants. A team of biologists and oceanographers has discovered yet another critical nitrogen fixation process that must exist for advanced life to thrive. Where scientists once believed that large-celled, colony-forming cyanobacteria were responsible for virtually all the biological nitrogen fixation occurring in the oceans, they now recognize that small-celled, non-colony-forming cyanobacteria and bacterioplankton contribute up to half of the total oceanic biological nitrogen fixation. This discovery demonstrates that in order to sustain nitrogen fixation at the level necessary for advanced life to thrive, at least three different species of nitrogen fixing bacteria must exist together at extremely large population levels in the oceans. Such a circumstance would be difficult, to say the least, to explain by random, mindless evolutionary processes but would be the expected outcome of a Creator carefully preparing Earth for the arrival of humans.

o   Joseph P. Montoya et al., “High Rates of N2 Fixation by Unicellular Diazotrophs in the Oligotrophic Pacific Ocean,” Nature 430 (2004): 1027-30.


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