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Newly Discovered Fossil Fuel Deposits Benefits

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Environmental scientists at University of California Berkeley and at Harvard have found more evidence that points to the exquisite design of Earth and past life on Earth to provide humanity with vast, recoverable reserves of fossil fuels. Their studies showed that in those parts of Africa where household energy use is predominantly wood burning, as opposed to fossil fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions are elevated, as are premature deaths due to air pollution. If the respective African nations were to switch from wood burning to fossil fuel burning, about 4 million premature deaths could be prevented and the impact on global warming reduced. Thus, humanity now has two more reasons to thank God for his exquisite design of planet Earth and for His creations and extinctions of life over the past 600 million years that have endowed humanity with such an abundant supply of easily recoverable fossil fuels.  

o   Robert Bailis, Majid Ezzati, and Daniel M. Kammen, “Mortality and Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Biomass and Petroleum Energy Futures in Africa,” Science 308 (2005): 98-103.


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