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New Zealand Sediment Core

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Scientists have uncovered evidence for several key components of RTB’s biblical creation model in a study of ancient Earth layers. Analysis of a sediment core just offshore from the New Zealand Southern Alps confirms the evidence seen in Antarctic ice cores for the supernatural timing of humanity’s arrival and for an old-earth, local flood interpretation of the Bible. The sediment core yields a record of the past 3.9 million years of glacial runoff with a resolution (accuracy) of 100-600 years. The climatic cycles and events shown in Antarctic ice cores (documenting the past 740,000 years) show up at the same times in the New Zealand sediment core. Therefore, Earth must be at least 3.9 million years old. Also, this study confirms evidence seen in four deep ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica that negates a global flood and shows that the current epoch is climatically optimal for global human civilization.

·         Robert M. Carter and Paul Gammon, “New Zealand Maritime Glaciation: Millennial-Scale Southern Climate Change Since 3.9 Ma,” Science 304 (2004): 1659-62.


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