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New Trigonometric Distances to Galaxies

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A team of American and German radio astronomers has discovered several masers (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) in galaxies with implications for design. These microwave amplifiers will soon dramatically improve the capacity of astronomers to uncover more evidence for the supernatural creation of the universe and for the supernatural design of the universe for the benefit of life. Accurate, direct distance measurements to galaxies provide a foundational step for astronomers. These measurements help determine the manner in which the universe was created and the quality of design in the density parameters that govern cosmic expansion so as to make life possible. Measurements of the orbits of the newly discovered masers about the centers of their galaxies will provide astronomers with accurate trigonometric distances to galaxies as far away as about 330 million light years. Such measurements would extend by a factor of 14 times the greatest distance for which astronomers have accurate trigonometric distances. This factor-of-14 improvement potentially will deliver even more impressive evidence for a superintelligent, supernatural Creator than we possess today.

o   J. A. Braatz et al., “A Green Bank Telescope Search for Water Masers in Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 617 (2004): L29-L32.


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