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New Tools to Study Space Energy Density

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A pair of Swiss physicists has identified an important local test to verify the mysterious space-energy density (or dark energy) responsible for causing the universe to expand at an ever-increasing rate. Currently, all the evidence for the existence and character of the space-energy density comes from measurements that span a sizable fraction of the universe—distant Type Ia supernovae, the cosmic microwave background, and large-scale structure. However, recent work shows how measurements of the solar system and Milky Way Galaxy in the near future can provide constraints on the space-energy density similar to those currently obtained by distant measurements. Thus, important verifications of the space-energy density can be obtained on a completely different length scale. Such predicting and testing are hallmarks of good scientific process and will provide essential details of the nature of the space-energy density. Any confirmation of the space-energy density increases the evidence for RTB’s big bang creation model.

o   Mauro Sereno and Philippe Jetzer, “Solar and Stellar System Tests of the Cosmological Constant,” Physical Review D 73 (2006): 063004.


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