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New Tool to Measure Dark Matter

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 A team of cosmologists from UC-Irvine has developed a new tool to test RTB’s cosmic creation model by measuring the distribution of dark matter in nearby galaxies. Scientists strongly agree about the existence of dark matter, but they continue to argue over the distribution of dark matter in galaxies and throughout the universe. A lack of observational evidence contributes to the diversity of proposed models. However, scientists have developed a new tool for measuring the distribution of dark matter in nearby galaxies using an upcoming satellite mission. With a factor-of-five increase in precision, this new technique will resolve a number of issues concerning the dark matter distribution in dwarf galaxies. RTB’s cosmic creation model predicts that these future results will provide additional confirmation of a fine-tuned amount and distribution of dark matter consistent with the notion of a supernatural Designer creating the universe.

o   Louis E. Strigari, James S. Bullock, and Manoj Kaplinghat, “Determining the Nature of Dark Matter with Astrometry,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 657 (2007): L1-L4.


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