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New Tool for Measuring Cosmic Design

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A team of Japanese and Korean astronomers has established a new and independent method for confirming the biblically predicted big bang creation model and several of the cosmic features that give evidence for supernatural design. They discovered water masers (which amplify radio waves) operating on five Mira-type (large, cool-burning) pulsating variable stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their measurements on one of the masers produced the first accurate trigonometric parallax distance measurement to a Mira-type star. The completion of such accurate trigonometric parallax measurements on the other four Mira-type stars will give astronomers another independent yardstick for determining the size, age, and expansion rates of the universe. This breakthrough will yield independent means for demonstrating the supernatural nature of the cosmic density parameters and of the quantities and distributions of the different types of matter.

o   Tomoharu Kurayama, Tetsuo Sasao, and Hideyuki Kobayashi, “Parallax Measurements of the Mira-Type Star UX Cygni with Phase-Referencing VLBI,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 627 (2005): L49-L52.


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