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New Test of the Nature of Gravity

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A Michigan Technological University physicist has identified a new test to provide a greater understanding of how gravity works. One crucial confirmation of Einstein’s theory of general relativity was a measurement, during a solar eclipse, of light being deflected by the sun. While general relativity has passed every subsequent test, gravity’s fundamental workings remain mysterious. The researcher has proposed a test to illuminate gravity’s nature by asking whether gravity can “lens” itself. A properly aligned satellite at distances similar to where Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft reside could possibly detect amplification, by the sun, of the satellite’s gravitational effects. A better understanding of the nature of gravity will consequently strengthen the case for the biblically predicted big bang model.

o   Robert J. Nemiroff, “Can a Gravitational Lens Magnify Gravity? A Possible Solar System Test,” Astrophysical Journal 628 (2005): 1081-85.


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