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New Test of Gravity Waves from Supernovae

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A team of international astronomers has developed a new model—with implications for RTB’s creation model—to predict the emission of gravity waves in a particular class of supernovae. During a core-collapse supernova, the center of the star is compressed under tremendous pressure and forms a neutron star. According to the new model, the oscillations of the neutron star emit relatively large amounts of gravity waves. Assuming the new model is correct, if a supernova of this class were to explode within the Local Group of galaxies (including the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy, as well as a number of dwarf satellite galaxies), the gravity waves should be detectable by the current generation of gravity-wave detectors. If confirmed, this test would further strengthen confidence in the theory of general relativity and, consequently, RTB’s cosmic creation model.  

o   Christian D. Ott et al., “A New Mechanism for Gravitational-Wave Emission in Core-Collapse Supernovae,” Physical Review Letters 96 (2006): 201102.


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Subjects: Einstein / Relativity, Laws of Physics

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