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New SDSS Results Improve Model

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The most precise measurements to date of cosmological parameters continue to validate RTB’s cosmic creation model by affirming a finely tuned big bang creation event. Using the latest Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and WMAP data, a team of international scientists extracted the best measurements of the space-energy density and of the universe’s total density. The results match previous findings but significantly reduce the error bars. For example, the error on the mass density decreased from 5% using the WMAP data alone to only 1% with both SDSS and WMAP data. The new values confirm that humans live in a geometrically flat, big bang universe which exhibits tremendous fine-tuning. Not surprisingly, these characteristics match the biblical description of the universe.

o   Max Tegmark et al., “Cosmological Constraints from the SDSS Luminous Red Galaxies,” Physical Review D 74 (2006): 123507.


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Subjects: Big Bang, Origin of the Universe, Universe Design

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