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New Results Confirm Previous Conclusions

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More detailed cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation measurements confirm the cosmological picture painted by RTB’s cosmic creation model. A balloon-borne detector named BOOMERANG mapped the CMB ripples in finer detail than the WMAP satellite, although on a smaller portion of the sky. An international team of scientists extracted cosmological parameters (including the baryon density, matter density, dark energy density, Hubble constant, age of the universe, and the scalar index) based on BOOMERANG data. The results are consistent with previous measures but place tighter constraints on non-big-bang models. Such results clearly label RTB’s model as a good scientific model.

o   C. J. MacTavish et al., “Cosmological Parameters from the 2003 Flight of BOOMERANG,” Astrophysical Journal 647 (2006): 799-812.


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