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New Observations Unveil Mystery of Cosmic Dust Origins

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Results from NASA’s latest “greatest observatory” reveal the sources of cosmic dust and strengthen RTB’s cosmic creation model. Dust is a key tool for tracing the link between star formation/death and the birth of the solar system, and is critical for forming stars the size of the Sun. (Also, dust is likely a key component in planetary formation.) Using infrared telescopes like NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers can use light from the dust to measure its origin. One distinctive result shows that dust produced late in the universe comes from stars similar to the Sun as they are dying. The other likely source, supernova explosions, produces lots of dust, but that dust is quickly destroyed in the aftermath of the supernova. However, astronomers have indications that these dust-destroying processes were not as efficient for the first generation of stars. These results are consistent with the idea of a Creator making sure the universe develops in a fashion that supports advanced life as soon as possible.

o   Robert Irion, “Astronomers Sweep Space for the Sources of Cosmic Dust,” Science 310 (2005): 614-15.


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