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Geologists have uncovered new evidence for the supernatural timing of humanity’s appearance. Researchers in Canada confirm that the human race indeed is living at the ideal moment in Earth’s history for the exploitation of petroleum to launch and sustain a high technology civilization. Their research confirms that bacterial degradation significantly affects not only surface petroleum but also deep subsurface oil reservoirs. Thus, if humans appear too late in Earth’s history, bacteria will have degraded too much petroleum. But, if humans appear too early, insufficient time will have transpired for chemical and geological processes to transform kerogen (predominantly produced just after the Cambrian explosion 540 mya) into petroleum. Therefore, there exists an ideal moment in geological history when the quantity of petroleum on Earth is maximal. That humans appeared at the maximal petroleum moment is evidence of divine planning, foresight, and provision for humanity.

o   Carolyn M. Aitken, D. M. Jones, and S. R. Larter, “Anaerobic Hydrocarbon Biodegradation in Deep Subsurface Oil Reservoirs,” Nature 431 (2004): 291-94.


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