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New Galaxy Measurement Supports Creation Model

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A new technique for determining cosmological parameters provides additional evidence in support of RTB’s cosmic creation model. For decades, astronomers have known that the density of massive galaxy clusters depends on two specific cosmological factors. Big bang cosmology, upon which RTB’s model builds, predicts certain values for these parameters. Using a sensitive catalog containing nearly 1,000 galaxy clusters extending out nearly 5 billion light years, an international team of astronomers has determined values for these two parameters. As expected from a good scientific model and a good experimental method, the values of the two parameters agree with the values obtained from numerous other techniques. Thus, as novel techniques continue to be developed and data grows more precise, consistent results put RTB’s creation model on even firmer scientific footing. 

o   Michael D. Gladders et al., “Cosmological Constraints from the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey,” Astrophysical Journal 655 (2007): 128-34.


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