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A team of American scientists revealed a new technique for measuring distance that will likely yield more evidence for supernatural creation. Reliable scientific models of the universe rely on accurate distant determinations. Because of the difficulty measuring the great distances involved in astronomy, consistency among multiple techniques significantly contributes to scientists’ confidence in the accuracy of the measurements. Using bursts from an X-ray binary (a two-star system that emits X-rays) in the Milky Way Galaxy, the team of astronomers calculated a distance to the binary, matching results from other techniques. As scientists add more rulers to their toolbox, and those rulers provide consistent results, the credibility of RTB’s cosmic creation model grows. 

o   Duncan K. Galloway et al., “Eddington-Limited X-ray Bursts as Distance Indicators. II. Possible Compositional Effects in Bursts from 4U 1636-536,” Astrophysical Journal 639 (2006): 1033-38.


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Subjects: Big Bang, Origin of the Universe, Universe Design

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