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New Cosmic Expansion Measure

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A recent cosmic expansion measurement affirms supernatural design and RTB’s testable, biblical creation model. Astronomers have demonstrated that a certain kind of radio galaxy is a good standard candle (light source that helps measure cosmic distances) and, therefore, can be used to measure cosmic expansion rates at great distances where tests for supernatural design are most sensitive. Using 20 distant radio galaxies, astronomers for the first time determined, independent of any assumptions about a cosmic model, when the universe transitioned from cosmic deceleration to cosmic acceleration. This new measurement places the transition at about 5 billion years ago and definitively establishes that two extremely fine-tuned parameters (space energy density and mass density) are governing the expansion of the universe so that life is possible.

Ruth A. Daly and S. G. Djorgovski, “A Model-Independent Determination of the Expansion and Acceleration Rates of the Universe as a Function of Redshift and Constraints on Dark Energy,” Astrophysical Journal, 597 (2003), pp. 9-20.


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