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New Constraint on “Changing” Constants

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Detailed measurements confirm the biblical idea of unchanging laws of physics (“the fixed laws of heaven and earth”—Jeremiah 33:25). As light passes through hydrogen gas, the gas absorbs very specific wavelengths of light. The wavelengths absorbed depend on the ratio between the proton and electron masses. A team of European scientists compared the wavelengths absorbed in laboratory experiments with astronomical results obtained from gas clouds 12 billion light years away from Earth. The comparison revealed that the proton-electron mass ratio has not changed by more than one part in 5000 over the last 12 billion years—the most precise measurement to date. These results affirm RTB’s cosmic creation model, which predicts the near constancy of the laws of physics.

o   Phil Schewe and Ben Stein, “Have Particle Masses Changed Since the Early Universe?” Physics News Update 774 (2006): #1.


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