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New Calculations Solving Problems of Big Bang

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A team of Australian and Japanese astronomers has solved a long-time problem in the biblically predicted big bang creation model. In big bang cosmology globular clusters harbor many of the oldest stars in the universe and are the relics of large gas clouds that rapidly condensed to form stars early in the universe’s history. The nearby dwarf galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud presents big bang cosmologists with an anomaly in that while most of its globular clusters measure to be ~13 billion years old, a few measure to be only ~3 billion years old. The team performed the most detailed calculation to date of the past orbits of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds around the Milky Way Galaxy. They demonstrated that the Clouds have been dynamically coupled only for the past 4 billion years and that 3.6 billion years ago they had a very close tidal encounter. This encounter induced the rich gas reservoirs in the Clouds to experience dramatic condensation events, which led to the birth of additional globular clusters. Since the Large Magellanic Cloud is so much more massive than the Small Magellanic Cloud, it ended up with all the new globular clusters. Consequently, the age gap in the Large Magellanic Cloud’s globular clusters no longer poses a problem for big bang cosmology.

o   Kenji Bekki et al., “Explaining the Mysterious Age Gap of Globular Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 610 (2004): L93-L96.


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