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Neutron Star Mergers

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Detection of cosmic gravity may provide a huge boost to RTB’s cosmic creation model. Astronomers find cause to be much more optimistic about the potential of gravity wave telescopes to distinguish between a variety of cosmic creation models. Based on the latest pulsar surveys astronomers re-calculated the rate at which neutron star binaries (double-star systems) should merge to form black holes. They found that the current LIGO detector, an instrument that seeks cosmic gravitational waves, should discover up to 1.5 merger events per year and advanced LIGO detectors up to 1,000 per year. Such high detection rates mean that astronomers soon will determine exactly what kind of big bang creation model is correct and, therefore, provide a much more definitive test for the biblical cosmic creation model.

V. Kalogera, et al, “The Cosmic Coalescence Rates for Double Neutron Star Binaries,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 601 (2004), pp. L179-L182.

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