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Most Distant Supernova Discovered

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The deepest optical view of the universe has confirmed a recent (in astronomical terms) beginning to the universe as predicted by RTB’s cosmic creation model. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers observed a small region of the sky to image the faintest, most distant objects ever seen. Using these observations, two NASA astronomers conducted the deepest supernova search to date. Interestingly, beyond a certain distance, no Type Ia supernovae were found, even though the sensitivity to this class of supernovae exceeded previous searches. However, these objects take a longer time to form than other classes of supernovae. In a universe with a beginning, astronomers expected to see this observed cutoff of Type Ia supernovae. Thus, this search provides another confirmation of a critical component of RTB’s creation model.

o   Louis-Gregory Strolger and Adam G. Riess, “The Deepest Supernova Search is Realized in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey,” Astronomical Journal 131 (2006): 1629-38.


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