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Although some Christians still question the veracity of the big bang, it continues to receive a steady stream of confirmations. In discovering the most distantly imaged galaxy, astronomers have confirmed an important feature of the big bang creation model. Taking advantage of a powerful gravitational lens, the astronomers captured the image of a galaxy at a redshift distance of 10, beating the previous record holder at redshift 7. This image reveals an extremely small galaxy when the universe was only 460 million years old (about 3 percent its age). It supports the big bang prediction of a cosmic progression from the formation of a few extremely massive stars to the formation of a second generation of stars in star clusters—many of which merge to form mini galaxies which later merge to form larger galaxies. Since the Bible predicted in considerable detail thousands of years ago that the universe possesses fundamental big bang features, scientific confirmations of such big bang features provide powerful evidence for the Christian faith.  


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