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Scientists continue to find evidence consistent with the notion of a supercaring Creator who has fashioned Earth as a suitable planet for abundant life to exist. Plate tectonics ranks as one of the most vital characteristics a planet must have to sustain long-standing, abundant life. Plate tectonics relies on the rigid crustal plates being able to float and move on a more malleable upper mantle. Recent research into the interaction of water with rocks at high temperature and pressure reveals a high degree of fine-tuning in the water’s activity in order to make the upper mantle malleable enough. If confirmed, these results demonstrate design in both the composition and size of Earth. Such evidence comports well with RTB’s cosmic creation model, which posits a supernatural Creator who fine-tunes Earth to support life.

o       Katrin Mierdel et al., “Water Solubility in Aluminous Orthopyroxene and the Origin of Earth’s Asthenosphere,” Science 315 (2007): 364-68.


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