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More Type-Ia-Supernovae Tools

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More affirmation for RTB's cosmic creation model comes from new polarization measurements of type-Ia supernovae that have confirmed their current and future usefulness as indicators of cosmological distance. To use a particular class of objects to measure astronomical distances, scientists must know how bright the objects are. While not all type-Ia supernovae are of the same brightness, astronomers use other techniques to compensate for these differences, making supernovae good “standard candles.” Recent analysis of polarization from these supernovae helped clarify the mechanism by which the explosions proceed. This provides another tool astronomers can use to correct for brightness differences, consequently allowing them to measure distances more accurately using type-Ia supernovae detected in the future. Better distance measures help establish the accuracy of a class of big bang models, including RTB's creation model.

o       Lifan Wang, Dietrich Baade, and Ferdinando Patat, “Spectropolarimetric Diagnostics of Thermonuclear Supernova Explosions,” Science 315 (2007): 212-14.


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