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A team of Chinese astronomers has discovered a new tool for measuring galaxy distances that soon will dramatically improve the capacity of astronomers to uncover more evidence for the supernatural creation and design of the universe for the benefit of life. Accurate, direct distance measurements to faraway galaxies comprise a foundational step for determining 1) the manner in which the universe was created, and 2) the quality of design in the density parameters that govern cosmic expansion so as to make life possible. The team found a tight linear correlation between the peak luminosities of type Ia supernovae and their colors 12 days after peak brightness. This correlation now gives astronomers the ability to measure distances to very far away galaxies to about 3 percent precision. This improvement potentially will deliver even more impressive evidence for a superintelligent, supernatural Creator than we possess today.

o   Xiaofeng Wang et al., “A Novel Color Parameter as a Luminosity Calibrator for Type Ia Supernovae,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 620 (2005): L87-L90.


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