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More Pre-Protostellar Cores

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Researchers have affirmed a feature of the biblical big bang creation model and denied a specific criticism from young-earth proponents. Two different teams of astronomers have discovered five more pre-protostellar cores (dense molecular clouds of gas prior to star formation). These cores, along with other pre-protostellar cores discovered during the past year establish that astronomers really are witnessing and understanding the processes leading to the conception and birth of stars across the whole range of star masses. Thus, the young-earth denial of ongoing star formation is now thoroughly refuted, while the biblically predicted continuously expanding universe under constant physical laws is validated anew.

     Guido Garay et al., “Discovery of Four New Massive and Dense Cold Cores,” Astrophysical Journal 610 (2004): 313-19.

     Charles J. Lada et al., “Discovery of a Dusty Ring in the Coalsack: A Dense Core Caught in the Act of Formation,” Astrophysical Journal 610 (2004): 303-12.

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