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More Milky Way Galaxy Satellites May Resolve Discrepancy

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Discoveries of numerous small satellite galaxies around the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) appear to resolve a discrepancy in RTB’s cosmic creation model. The model, which incorporates big bang cosmology, posits a large amount of cold dark matter in the universe, which facilitates galaxy formation and growth. However, the particular form of dark matter included in the model generates many more small satellite galaxies in simulations than are currently observed. The discovery of an increasing number of satellite galaxies like the one described in the article below serves to close the gap between the predicted and observed numbers of MWG satellite galaxies. As observations continue to remove this discrepancy, the experimental validation of RTB’s cosmic creation model grows stronger.

o       D. B. Zucker et al., “A Curious Milky Way Satellite in Ursa Major,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 650 (2006): L41-L44.


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