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More Evidence for Fine-tuning of the Solar System

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 Studies in planet formation have provided further evidence that a supernatural Creator has fine-tuned the solar system for life. Previous studies have shown that planetary systems are correlated with stars enriched in iron. However, it is not clear whether the iron enrichment facilitated planet formation or if the iron enrichment was caused by the planetary material. A team of European astronomers showed that indeed stars were more likely to form around iron-enriched stars. In order to form a solar system like Earth’s, the universe needs to be old enough to produce adequate iron, but not so old that elements like uranium and thorium have decayed dramatically. The proper iron enrichment of the sun, coupled with the large abundance of radioactive elements that drive tectonic activity on Earth, testify to the fine-tuning of a Creator in forming a solar system capable of sustaining life. 

o   A. Ecuvillon et al., “Oxygen Abundances in Planet-Harbouring Stars: Comparison of Different Abundance Indicators,” Astronomy and Astrophysics 445 (2006): 633-45.


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