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More Evidence for Design of Terrestrial Lightning

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A team of American geophysicists has discovered properties of terrestrial lightning that demonstrate fine-tuning for the benefit of life and for the support of a high-technology civilization. They found that terrestrial lightning generates just the right kind and amount of radio waves to clear out a charge-depleted zone within the Van Allen radiation belts that surround Earth so that an array of communication satellites can operate without interference. Any less terrestrial lightning or lightning of a different sort would result in too small or too unstable a charge-depleted zone, making efficient communication-satellite operation impossible. On the other hand, too much terrestrial lightning could so weaken the Van Allen belts that excessive hard radiation would penetrate to Earth’s surface, to the detriment of life. Also, too much lightning would generate undue forest and grass fires. Fine-tuning of lightning is also necessary to produce adequate nitrogen fixation for sustaining healthy plants. Such optimal fine-tuning for sustaining plant life and communication satellite technology is evidence for a supernatural, super-caring Creator.

·         James L.Green et al., “On the Origin of Whistler Mode Radiation in the Plasmasphere,” Journal of Geophysical Research 110, Issue A3, (2005), Cite ID A03201.


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