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More Difficulties Forming Planets

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As scientists learn how planets form, their simulations continue to provide evidence buttressing RTB’s claim that a supernatural Creator prepared Earth as a life-supporting planet. Many gas giants (planets like Jupiter and Saturn) migrate toward their host stars after formation, dramatically influencing the formation of Earth-like terrestrial planets. Recent simulations have shown that gas-giant migration kicks the planetesimals that would otherwise form terrestrial planets into eccentric and inclined orbits, which prevents any further growth into terrestrial planets. Only if the migration occurs very rapidly or if the gas giant is much smaller than Jupiter can any subsequent planet formation occur. These results highlight the difficulty of natural processes forming a planetary system with the high degree of design exhibited by Earth’s solar system. Such complexity points to the careful intervention of a supernatural Designer.  

o       Graeme Lufkin, Derek C. Richardson, and Lee G. Mundy, “Planetesimals in the Presence of Giant Planet Migration,” Astrophysical Journal 653 (2006): 1464-68.


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