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Meteorites Reveal Design in Solar System Formation

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New understanding of the formation and movement of iron meteorites reveals fine-tuning in the early solar system. The iron meteorites currently populate the main asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter), but astronomers have great difficulty finding suitable locations in that region of the solar system where the meteorites could form. In the early solar system, there were not enough radioactive materials to cause the required melting. Instead, recent research indicates the meteorites were formed closer to the sun and subsequently scattered out to the asteroid belt. However, such movement of solar system bodies during the early solar system necessitates greater fine-tuning to prevent catastrophic disruptions to Earth’s capacity to support life. Such fine-tuning is expected by RTB’s biblical creation model.

o   Martin Enserink, “Hunt for Birthplace of Meteorites Yields New View of Earth’s Origins,” Science 311 (2006): 932.


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