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Metal Enrichment

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This discovery provides astronomers with an explanation for why the early metal enrichment of the universe must be carefully fine-tuned for advanced life to be possible. Astronomers have discovered that the universe is fine-tuned to produce an initial burst of a few hundred very massive stars per galaxy. Then, for the next 4-5 billion years the infall of large amounts of intergalactic gas into emerging galaxies dilutes the metallicity arising from star formation and burning, and, thereafter, intergalactic gas infall drops to a minimal level. Such parameters for metallicity are critical to get the right stars and planets for life at the right time in cosmic history and in the right place in the universe.

Y.-Z. Qian and G. W. Wasserburg, “Hierarchical Structure Formation and Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyα Systems,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 596 (2003), pp. L9-L12.

RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Predictive Power: Confirming Cosmic Creation,” Facts for Faith, quarter 2, 2002, issue 9, pp. 32-39; Hugh Ross, “A Beginner’s—and Expert’s—Guide to the Big Bang,” Facts for Faith, quarter 3, 2000, issue 3, pp. 14-32.

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