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Membrane Fusion Design

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More evidence for design comes from a biochemical study of protein interactions. Using an x-ray scanning microscope a team of biochemists successfully mapped the structure of a set of proteins responsible for the fusion of biological membranes. They found that the protein stretched out to grab a loop at one end of one membrane and an anchor structure at the end of a second membrane and then proceeded to fold back in such a way that the loop was hooked to the anchor. In addition the team found structures in the membrane fusion proteins that could bring about the formation of fusion pores. The structures and efficient functions of these membrane fusion proteins demonstrate exquisite design that defies evolutionary theory but affirms biblical creation.

Don L. Gibbins, et al, “Conformational Change and Protein-Protein Interactions of the Fusion Protein of Semliki Forest Virus,” Nature, 427 (2004), pp. 320-325.


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