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Mass of Dark Gas in the Milky Way Galaxy

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French astronomers have found more evidence for the design of our galaxy for life that at the same time provides a key link for star formation. Using the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope, they detected 138 new gamma-ray sources. The gamma-ray profiles of these sources showed that vast clouds of cold dust and dark gas surround all the nearby interstellar carbon monoxide clouds. With the discovery of these cold dark gas clouds the “missing link” for current galactic star formation has been found. These clouds bridge the gap between diffuse atomic clouds and the dense cores that already have been observed to form stars. For a solar system to form with the just-right complement of stellar neighbors at the just-right time and location in the galaxy so that advanced life will be possible on Earth, requires fine-tuning of the quantity, location, sizes, and timing of cold dark gas clouds. Such fine-tuning augments the already impressive evidence for the supernatural design of the Milky Way Galaxy.

o   Isabelle A. Grenier, Jean-Marc Casandjian, and Régis Terrier, “Unveiling Extensive Clouds of Dark Gas in the Solar Neighborhood,” Science 307 (2005): 1292-95.


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