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Mars Water Research Argues Against Scientific Ideology

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New research on the geological features of Mars presents evidence for RTB’s creation model and also refutes the charge made by some young-earth creationists that the scientific community only publishes results that fit with its ideology. Evolutionary scientists hope and expect to find evidence for abundant water in Mars’ history. The discovery of water would bolster the hope of finding evidence for Martian life. However, two articles published in the prestigious journal Nature argue that the geological features observed by the Mars Rovers are due to processes that don’t involve long-standing water reservoirs. One article shows volcanic ash from ancient volcanoes (which scientists have direct evidence for) that has been altered by small amounts of acidic water and sulfur dioxide can explain all the features observed by the rovers. While some scientists may be ideologically driven, the publication of these results shows that the charge cannot be made of the scientific community as a whole.

o   Thomas M. McCollom and Brian M. Hynek, “A Volcanic Environment for Bedrock Diagenesis at Meridiani Planum on Mars,” Nature 438 (2005): 1129-31.


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