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Mars Rover Results Reveal Inhospitable Origin-of-Life Chemistry

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Recent evidence from one of the Mars rovers provides additional support for a supernatural Creator fashioning a life-support planet like Earth. The most thorough analysis of data obtained by the rover named Opportunity showed that early conditions on Mars were “sometimes wet, strongly acidic and oxidizing. Those conditions probably posed stiff challenges to the origin of Martian life.” The rover scientists further concluded that the chemical reactions necessary for starting life could not have happened in the region where Opportunity was exploring. Thus, even assuming a solar system where life is abundant on one planet does not mean that any other part of the solar system will be hospitable to life. These results are consistent with the thought of a supernatural Designer preparing a fit habitat for life.

o   NASA Rover Helps Reveal Possible Secrets of Martian Life,” NASA Press Release on November 29, 2005.


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