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Mars—A Tough Environment for Organic Molecules

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Scientists continue to demonstrate how uninhabitable Mars is by studying chemical reactions on the planet. Methane in the Martian atmosphere recently generated a lot of excitement that it might be biological in origin. While nonbiological explanations eventually won out, processes that remove methane also argue against a biological source. Lightning discharges likely produce large quantities of hydrogen peroxide, which break down organic molecules. The quantity of hydrogen peroxide produced may coat the planet’s surface with a peroxide “snow.” Consequently, any proposed Martian organisms would face an extremely hostile environment. In contrast, Earth provides an incredibly friendly habitat for life, consistent with the intervention of a divine Designer fashioning it for that purpose.

o   Sushil K. Atreya et al., “Oxidant Enhancement in Martian Dust Devils and Storms: Implications for Life and Habitability,” Astrobiology 6 (2006): 439-50.


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