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Design of Moon's Mass

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A British geologist has found more evidence for the supernatural design of the Moon for the benefit of advanced life on Earth. His analysis showed that although the Earth-Moon system currently yields a stable obliquity (rotation axis tilt) and consequently a stable climate for Earth, if the Moon’s mass were even slightly larger, Earth’s obliquity would be unstable. He then deduced that the Moon must be as massive as it is to slow Earth’s rotation sufficiently for human existence to ever be possible on Earth. This just-right size makes possible Earth’s stable climate and a 24-hour rotation period at the time that the Sun is almost exactly middle-aged. These features imply an extraordinary fine-tuning of the Moon’s mass, density, distance from Earth, and rate of recession from Earth. Such extraordinary fine-tuning, in turn, implies the existence of a supernatural, superintelligent Creator.

o   Dave Waltham, “Anthropic Selection for the Moon’s Mass,” Astrobiology 4 (2004): 460-68.


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