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Lunar Laser Reflector Tests of Gravity Theories

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory physicists have found stronger evidence that supports the biblically predicted cosmic singularity beginning and the biblically claimed constancy of the fundamental laws of physics. Using 35 years of data from laser light reflections from reflectors placed on the moon by the Apollo astronauts, the JPL team demonstrated that general relativity passed the geodetic precession test to a higher level of precision than anyone had previously demonstrated. They also showed that the gravitational constant does not vary in any significant way—less than one part in a trillion per year. Thus, the spacetime theorem proof that the universe is traceable back to an actual beginning of space, time, matter, and energy (Gen. 1:1 and Heb. 11:3) now stands on firmer footing, as does the biblical claim (Jer. 33:25) for the fixity of the laws governing the heavens and Earth.

o   James G. Williams, Slava G. Turyshev, and Dale H. Boggs, “Progress in Lunar Laser Ranging Test of Relativistic Gravity,” Physical Review Letters 93 (2004), id. 261101.


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