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Lower Mantle Convection

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French geophysicists uncovered new evidence for the supernatural design of Earth’s interior for life. They discovered specific characteristics in the spin states of iron atoms that explain how it is that Earth’s lower mantle has the just-right convection (circulation of mantle constituents) and radiative properties so that Earth sustains the best possible plate tectonic activity to support life and human beings in particular. They found that iron in perovskite and magnesiowüstite, which makes up nearly all of the lower mantle, transitions from a high-spin to a low-spin state at pressures that correspond to mantle depths of 2600 and 1700 kilometers respectively. These transitions lead to an increased radiative conductivity and a substantially lower rate of convection for the two minerals so that Earth maintains the best possible plate tectonic activity.

·         James Badro et al., “Electronic Transitions in Perovskite: Possible Nonconvecting Layers in the Lower Mantle,” Science 305 (2004): 383-86.


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