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Lower Mantle Anisotropy #2

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A study of Earth’s mantle provides more evidence for supernatural design. Japanese geophysicists have discovered the fundamental reason for the anisotropy (departure from uniformity) of the lower mantle’s main constituent, namely silicate perovskite. They found that under the pressure conditions existing at the core-mantle boundary of the earth, perovskite undergoes a phase transition where it adopts a different crystal structure and a density increase of 1.0 to 1.2 percent. Such a transition explains the deep mantle anisotropy. This irregularity then determines the just-right flow of large-scale mantle eddies that, in turn, provide the just-right level of plate tectonics for the long-term maintenance of the Earth surface conditions necessary for advanced life.

·         Motohiko Murakami et al., “Post-Perovskite Phase Transition in MgSiO3,” Science 304 (2004): 855-58.


·         Edward J. Garnero, “A New Paradigm for Earth’s Core-Mantle Boundary,” Science 304 (2004): 834-35.

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