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Accurate measurements by a team of fifteen astronomers now provide a more consistent confirmation of the biblically predicted big bang creation model. Foundational for the big bang creation model is the extragalactic distance scale. The cornerstone of the extragalactic distance scale is the distance to the nearby dwarf galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud. The team has removed one of the greatest remaining ambiguities in the detailed description of the big bang features of the universe by producing the most accurate measurement to date of the Large Magellanic Cloud distance, namely 165,000 light years ± 50 light years (random) ± 1,000 light years (systematic).

  • M. Dall’Ora et al., “The Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud Cluster Reticulum from the K-Band Period-Luminosity-Metallicity Relation of RR Lyrae Stars,” Astrophysical Journal 610 (2004): 269-74.

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