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Lithium Synthesis Discrepancy Resolved

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New data have helped scientists to resolve a discrepancy between theoretical calculations and observations, thereby strengthening a key component of RTB’s cosmic creation model. The only time in the history of the universe when lithium was produced occurred during the first three minutes after the creation event. However, calculations of how much lithium should have been produced exceed the amount measured in the oldest stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Recent observations show clear evidence of processes that transport lithium into the interiors of these oldest stars, where it is destroyed. Accounting for the amount of lithium destroyed, the theoretical predictions now match the amount of lithium originally present in the stars. A property of good scientific models is that future research adequately explains current anomalies. These results affirm that RTB’s creation model exhibits this property.

o   A. J. Korn et al., “A Probable Stellar Solution to the Cosmological Lithium Discrepancy,” Nature 442 (2006): 657-59.


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