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Limits on Space Energy Density Variation

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The first results from a new supernova survey affirm the work of a superintelligent Designer who is responsible for the formation and development of the universe. The existence of space energy density is well supported by astronomical data, but scientists are still unsure about its nature. Due to the exquisite fine-tuning apparent in the value of the space energy density, some scientists have theorized that its value is not constant but has changed over time. A new supernova survey shows that the value of the space energy density has changed by no more than 10%. This small potential for variation has no effect on the exquisite fine-tuning. While some skeptics hope that the degree of fine-tuning will diminish as scientists’ understanding of the cosmos increases, RTB’s creation model predicts that the degree of fine-tuning will continue to grow. 

o   “Astrophysics: Expanding Horizons,” Nature 438 (2005): 534-35.


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