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Light Echoes—Another Window to the Past

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A team of international astronomers has discovered a new tool for studying past supernovae which, in turn, offers a glimpse of a Creator’s work. As light pours forth from a supernova, sometimes the light encounters various bodies that will reflect it toward Earth. While this reflected light is dimmer than the original supernova, it could potentially allow astronomers to measure spectra from supernovae that occurred before the era of modern astronomy. Using this reflected light, astronomers have pinpointed two supernovae in the Large Magellanic Cloud that occurred over 400 years ago. If spectra can be extracted from this reflected light, then for the first time astronomers would be able to determine the type of supernova. Such knowledge is consistent with a Christian worldview, which maintains that a super-caring Creator has enabled scientists to study and understand His creation in intimate detail.

o   Armin Rest et al., “Light Echoes from Ancient Supernovae in the Large Magellanic Cloud,” Nature 438 (2005): 1132-34.


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