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In an effort to circumvent evidence for a supernatural Creator, some people appeal to the idea of artificial alien life. Despite the influence of popular science fiction, a neuroscientist has eliminated both artificial intelligence (virtual creatures) and non-biochemical robots as possible life candidates. Using a fundamental criterion for life, namely metabolism, the researcher explains that life involves three different kinds of metabolism: 1) basic intake and consumption of energy, 2) collection, storage, spending, budgeting, and transformation of energy, and 3) use and budgeting of energy for bodily construction and maintenance. Since a computer cannot exhibit type 3 metabolism, alien organisms cannot exist or be created in cyberspace. Thus, the origin of life really does require a supernatural intelligent Creator.

Margaret A. Boden, “Alien Life: How Would We Know?” International Journal of Astrobiology, 2 (2003), pp. 121-129.

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