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Life’s Chemical Signature

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The extraterrestrial search for life has just been made more difficult. Two planetary scientists have refuted the claim that Raman spectroscopy, a technique that measures scattered radiation from a light source, can be used to establish the existence of life’s remains on extraterrestrial bodies. They point out that a Raman spectrum cannot distinguish the difference between kerogen, a residue of life, or disordered carbonaceous material which arises from nonbiological processes (nonlife). Therefore, they warn researchers not to exploit Raman spectroscopy to prematurely announce the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Every roadblock for naturalistic origins of life becomes a roadmap to the supernatural Creator.


Jill Dill Pasteris and Brigitte Wopenka, “Necessary, But Not Sufficient: Raman Identification of Disordered Carbon as a Signature of Ancient Life,” Astrobiology 3 (2003), pp. 727-738.;/15311074/v3n4/s8/p727

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