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Laboratory Tests of General Relativity’s Foundations

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Soon scientists will have the capacity to conduct laboratory tests of the equivalence principle that provides the foundation of general relativity (GR). Due to the relative weakness of the gravitational force, all significant tests of GR to date have been conducted using astronomical observations. In contrast, laboratory tests permit more extensive tests varying multiple experimental conditions. Recent developments in atom interferometry (measurements utilizing the interference of atoms wave behavior) provide opportunity to test the equivalence principle in the lab with sensitivity 300 times the best current astronomical tests. Future improvements should improve the sensitivity another 100 times. RTB expects results from these experiments to further confirm the universe’s fine-tuning and cosmic beginning consistent with the work of a supernatural Creator.

o   Savas Dimopoulos et al., “Testing General Relativity with Atom Interferometry,” Physical Review Letters 98 (2007): 111102.


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Subjects: Einstein / Relativity, Origin of the Universe

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