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k-Essence Models of Dark Energy Ruled Out

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Theoretical work continues to provide evidence for fine-tuning in the amount of space-energy density (dark energy) in the universe. Since its discovery, scientists have recognized the tremendous amount of fine-tuning necessary to account for the observed amount of dark energy compared to the larger theoretically predicted value. Additionally, the present epoch coincides with the time when the amount of dark energy roughly equals the mass density—in earlier epochs, mass dominated, whereas dark energy will dominate in the future. One class of dark energy models called k-essence tried to explain the fine-tuning and coincidence by postulating that the dark energy has naturally evolved to its current low value from something much closer to its theoretically expected value. However, recent work shows that all k-essence models violate causality (that is, some information must propagate faster than the speed of light) and are therefore ruled out. RTB’s cosmic creation model predicts such fine-tuning of dark energy as the work of a supernatural Creator designing a universe to accomplish multiple purposes, one of which is a habitat for humanity.

o   Camille Bonvin, Chiara Caprini, and Ruth Durrer, “No-Go Theorem for k-Essence Dark Energy,” Physical Review Letters 97 (2006): 081303.


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