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Two Princeton University astronomers have developed evidence that strengthens the case for both the anthropic principle (that the universe manifests fine-tuned design parameters for the support of humanity) and for consistency of the biblically predicted big bang creation model. They performed an exhaustive compilation of the best astronomical measurements of the forty leading components that make up the density or “stuff” of the universe. Their analysis showed that all the constituents of the universe are now well accounted for and that the uncertainties in the relative amounts of the various constituents have shrunk dramatically over the past two years. Stars and stellar remnants account for only 0.27 percent of the universe’s density whereas dark energy, exotic dark matter, and the intergalactic plasma make up the other 99.7 percent. The Princeton duo’s findings demonstrate that astronomers’ confidence in the big bang creation model and in the extraordinary fine-tuning of the cosmic density parameters for the benefit of life is indeed well justified.

o   Masataka Fukugita and P. J. E. Peebles, “The Cosmic Energy Inventory,” Astrophysical Journal 616 (2004): 643-68.


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